Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Casey Kasem's Burial Still on Hold as Legal Battle Continues -- Don't Let this Happen to Your Family

Legendary radio personality Casey Kasem passed away this June at the age of 82.  Upon his death, media outlets across the country paid tribute to his illustrious career, including 40 years of hosting "American Top 40."

Photo by Alan Light
Unfortunately, four months after Mr. Kasem's death, his burial is still on hold as relatives argue in court over the proper disposition of his remains.  Sadly, Mr. Kasem's family could not agree on his health care or burial wishes, as he did not express these in writing.  While the level and length of disagreement in his case is unusual, family strife over end-of-life decisions is certainly not unusual.  However, this type of uncertainty about end-of-life wishes is entirely preventable.

As the last two posts on this blog discussed, you can easily clarify your end-of-life wishes in writing.  Work with an attorney to accomplish advance health care directives and documents regarding disposition of remains.  Doing so can allow your family to focus on properly grieving, and moving on after your death, instead of being mired in uncertainty.

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